Bob Allen

I am an Emeritus Professor of Chemistry; born in Maracaibo, Venezuela; educated K-PhD in Oklahoma; and mostly employed as a Professor of Organic Chemistry in Arkansas. I live in Bullfrog Valley on the south edge of the Ozarks.

I can be reached directly at bob(at)ozarker.org

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  1. Clif Stone


    There have been some very interesting findings associated with recent LENR energy research. …suggest you review the MIT colloquium on the subject, interviews by researchers Edmund Storms, Brian Ahern, and A. G. Parkhomov

    Industrial Heat LLC, (associated with Cherokee Partners) in North Carolina has purchased rights to related technology and beta testing/developing generators.

    The E-Cat World web site has a good collection of info, and frequent updates of related research.

    I’ve followed the research for a number of years, was highly skeptical early on, but now believe the technology is becoming better understood and may take off. If so it will be a game changer….

  2. DeLynn Smithers

    I just want to thank you for your articles in our local Courier. I imagine you get more negativity than positive feedback. It is refreshing to hear common sense from someone in our political environment. You haven’t had a article that I didnt read twice & say, Thank you, Bob of the Ozarks.

    1. bob Post author

      Thank you DeLynn, surprisingly most feedback I get directly is positive. I’m sure however that there is considerable grumbling in the background.


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